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Mission and Vision
As a mission driven company we aim to empower the next generation of artists to earn a living from their art practice, and envision a future where everyone has equal access to fine art.
By Artists, For Artists
Founded in Chicago by SAIC alumnus Juan Curci, our online art marketplace features one of the lowest commissions in the market for artists at 25%.
This is in stark contrast to traditional art galleries, which charge commissions as high as 50%. Our low commission free makes it easier for artist who are just starting out to earn a living. Visit our artist FAQ page to learn more.
Fair Pricing and Facilitated Resales
We’re the only online art marketplace that uses a propriety pricing algorithm.
Art prices are based on the demand for an artist’s work and the consensus among art critics regarding an artwork’s value.
Moreover, art collectors receive automated art appraisals for works they’ve purchased on Curci Art, and may resell them directly on our site. Every time a work resells the original artist receives a royalty. Visit our buyer FAQ page for more information.

Q1, 2022
Start Developing Desktop Site

Q2, 2022
Release Beta
  • Pre-registration period begins.
  • Curci Art starts forming partnerships.
  • Artists may upload images of their work.

Q2, 2023
Launch MVP
People may start buying and selling art. Domestic shipping services (USA only) with 24 hour order cancellation policy for physical artworks.

Q3, 2023
  • Optimize Site for Mobile Browsers and Add Blog.
  • Art collectors may resell artworks, and art critics may begin writing critiques.

Q1, 2024
Incorporate Digital Art
Curci Art joins Web3 community. Buyers may purchase physical and digital art with debit card, credit card, or bank wire transfer.

Q2, 2024
Develop a mobile app for iOS devices.

Q3, 2024
Launch Mobile App
  • Artists may sell paintings, drawing, prints, photos, sculptures and digital artwork.
  • International shipping & payments
  • Develop a mobile app for Android devices.
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