buyer faq
How do your automated art appraisals work?
For a detailed overview visit our artist FAQ page.
How does your pricing algorithm work?
For a detailed explanation visit our artist FAQ page.
What’s the difference between following and favoriting?
You follow an artist and favorite individual artworks. Following an artist helps you stay up to date with new artworks by artists you like, and favoriting artworks lets you keep track of artworks you’re interested in.
How do resales work?
In Q3, 2023, you will be able to list any works of art you originally purchased on Curci Art for resale (secondary market). Resales will be listed at their current estimated value and appear on the original artist’s page under works for sale alongside works being sold for the first time (primary market); this will help maintain your anonymity as well as that of other art collectors. Works being resold will also appear in the marketplace search results. Moreover, when viewing works on our platform you will be able to see the entire sales history of the item.
Do you charge a seller fee for resales?
  • If you purchased any works of art on our platform you may resell them at their current estimated value. For artworks that are estimated to be $100,000 or less we charge a flat 10% seller fee. For artworks that are between $100,001 and $1,000,000 we charge a flat 8% seller fee. For artworks that are more than $1,000,000 we charge a flat 6% seller fee.
  • The seller fee comes out of the sale proceeds. Buyers pay for shipping separately while the seller is responsible for packaging costs. Curci Art splits the profit from seller fees 50/50 with the original artist as a royalty after covering the cost of transactions.
  • E.g. Artwork is resold for $100,000. Seller keeps $90,000 less whatever they pay for handling. For example, if the handling cost is $100 then the seller keeps $89,900.
  • 10% seller fee - 1% bank wire transaction = 9% profit (4.5% for Curci Art & 4.5% for original artist as a royalty).
  • $4,500 for Curci Art + $4,500 for artist + $1,000 transaction fee + $90,000 for seller = $100,000
Can I resell works I obtained outside of Curci Art on your site?
No, you may only resell works that you originally purchased on Curci Art. The reason for this is that we have no means of verifying the authenticity of physical artworks that were obtained outside our platform. This is in contrast to works that have only ever been bought and sold on Curci Art, and whose provenance is clear and undisputed.
If I resell an artwork when do I get paid?
We will enable resales in Q3, 2023. Payouts for what you sold during the month will be available on the 28th. Funds from incomplete artworks ales whose twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy has not expired will be available on the next payout date during the subsequent month.
What payment methods do you accept?
Curci Art uses Stripe to process payments. We accept most major credit and debit cards as well as domestic bank wire transfers. See our payment methods page for more information.
Who pays for transaction fees, shipping and packaging?
You will pay for shipping costs separately from the artwork. The artist or seller is solely responsible for packaging costs. Transaction fees are included in the purchase amount.
Who pays for art critics?
When we enable critiques in Q3, 2023, all art critics on Curci Art will have their education verified before being allowed to write critiques. Critics will critique individual works of art for sale on the primary market (not resales) and will be paid a fixed price per critique. Critique costs will be paid for by the artist.
How will my artwork be shipped?
  • Currently, the only shipping option we offer is ARTA Self-Ship, which has 3 delivery speeds (ground, second day air, and next day air). Later in the year we will incorporate other shipping options such as: ARTA Parcel, ARTA Select, and ARTA Premium.
  • For artworks that are shipped via ARTA Self-Ship the artist will receive an email with instructions on how to pack their artwork as well as a pre-paid shipping label. The artist will be responsible for packaging costs.
When will my artwork arrive?
When you buy a work of art on Curci Art you will receive a confirmation email from us with the receipt for your purchase. Additionally, you will receive an email from ARTA (our logistics provider) with the tracking information for your artwork.
Do you have transportation insurance?
Yes, transportation insurance is included in the shipping & handling cost during checkout.
Do you offer international shipping?
We do not currently offer international shipping, but plan on doing so in 2024.
What is your return policy?
  • All artwork sales are considered finalized after twenty-four (24) hours, and are non-returnable. En lieu of returning an artwork you can resell it directly on our platform.
  • See our return policy page for more information.
Who pays for return shipping costs?
Customers are responsible for paying for return shipping. You will receive a refund after the artist or seller receives the artwork. Additionally, artworks are to be returned in their original packaging. For works that arrive damaged the gallery will pay for return shipping, but you must provide photos of both the product and packaging.
Can I cancel an order prior to shipment?
Yes, we have a twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy, but you must contact us immediately via email or phone and provide your order details.
What happens if my artwork arrives damaged?
  • Transportation insurance is included in the shipping & handling cost during checkout. If your artwork arrives damaged please notify us via email or phone within seven (7) days of delivery. You will need to provide photos of the damaged artwork and packaging.
  • Our logistics provider will evaluate whether the artwork can be repaired or not. If the artwork can be repaired the insurance money will cover the cost of repairs. In the event of a total loss we will provide a refund for the damaged artwork contingent on filing a successful insurance claim.
I know what kind of art I like, but don’t know how to narrow my search. How do I do this?
  • There are two reasons why people buy art; for enjoyment because they like a particular piece by an artist or as an investment. If you know what art you like there are a multitude of ways in which to narrow your search. The first, but often overlooked option, is the search box. Here, you may search by key word such as artist name, university where an artist attended etc…
  • Another option is to use the menu on our navigation bar. Our menu lets you filter by 5 mediums: paintings, drawings, prints, photos and sculpture. Each of these has additional dropdown filtering options such as price, material and subject. These will take you to our marketplace search results page.
  • Our marketplace search results page has several filtering, and sorting options for you to narrow your search and find artwork you love.
What’s the difference between visual search and list view?
  • Our default marketplace search results appear as a visual search. In visual search you initially only see artwork thumbnails. If you hover over a thumbnail you can get some basic information like the title of a work as well as the artist’s name, and price. If you click on a thumbnail a pop-up will appear with one or more full sized images of the work as well as additional information about the artwork and artist.
  • In list view, you can see the same basic information about an artwork, but without having to hover over any thumbnails. You may switch between visual search and list view in the upper righthand corner of the marketplace search results next to “Show”.
I want to invest in art, but don’t know what to buy. Can you help me?
  • There are two reasons why people buy art; for enjoyment because they like a particular piece by an artist or as an investment. If you want to find artwork to invest in you may sort your search results by how many art collectors and stamps an artist has. This lets you identify in demand artists and as well as artists that have favorable reviews by art critics. The more art collectors and stamps an artist has the more likely their work is to appreciate in value.
  • You can also filter by artist category (emerging, established or blue chip) to gauge how safe an artwork is as an investment. Possible investment strategies include:
    • Buying a several artworks by the same established or blue chip artist whose artworks are likely to appreciate in value.
    • Take a diversified portfolio approach and invest in different promising emerging artists.
How do I change my password?
See our General FAQ page for more information.
How do I reset a forgotten password?
See our General FAQ page for more information.
How to I unsubscribe to your newsletter?
You may unsubscribe to our newsletter from your settings under account info.
Do you sell digital art on Curci Art?
We do not currently offer digital artwork, but plan on incorporating it onto our platform at the beginning of 2024. When we do, our digital artworks will be green, permanent and non-speculative. We plan on minting digital art on a PoS (Proof of Stake) blockchain as this consumes significantly less energy than older PoW (Proof of Work) consensus models and will therefore be environmentally friendly. Additionally, we plan on storing the metadata on chain rather than via an http or IPFS link. Our automated art appraisals will be the main mechanism by which NFTs will appreciate in value as opposed to auction listings, which are used on other platforms. This will help maintain price stability.
When you start selling digital artwork what payment options will you have?
  • When we incorporate digital art onto our platform you’ll be able to purchase digital works via credit or debit card using a payment solution like MoonPay.
Why do you require identify verification for certain buyers?
If you wish to purchase an artwork that’s valued at $10,000 or more we’ll need to verify your identity. We do this to comply with anti money laundering (AML) laws. We only need to verify your identity once, after which you may purchase high value artworks as often as you like.
How will you verify my identity?
We use Stripe to safely automate ID verification. You may use your driver’s license, passport or SS number to verify your identity. Stripe safely and securely stores your information. None of your sensitive information is stored on our database.