critic faq
How do your automated art appraisals work?
For a detailed overview visit our artist FAQ page.
How do I edit my art critic profile?
You may edit your critic profile by going to my account and clicking on settings. Once you’re in your settings navigate to edit critic page.
How do I register as an art critic and send my transcripts?
To register as an art critic on Curci Art we’ll have to verify your education. To do this please visit the website of the university where you obtained your highest degree in art history or curatorial studies, and follow their procedures for requesting digital copies of your official transcripts to be sent to Curci Art. Most universities in the USA use either Parchment or the National Student Clearing House. It typically costs around $10 to do this. Have digital copies of your transcripts be sent to:
How much do I get paid per critique?
  • $19 per critique for critics with BA’s in art history or curatorial studies
  • $23 per critique for critics with MA’s in art history or curatorial studies
  • $29 per critique for critics with PhD’s in art history or curatorial studies
How many critiques can I write?
The amount of critiques an individual artwork may receive is limited to 5% of its retail value. That said, you may critique as many artworks as you like that are available for review. Responses to other critics also count as critiques.
How long are critiques?
  • New critiques & responses by art critics: 950 character min, 1900 character max; spaces, letters, numbers & symbols are counted as characters.
  • Critique response by original artist: 300 character max.
  • Additionally, you may give any artist available for review a critique, but you can only initiate critiques for artworks that are being sold for the first time (not resales)
When do I get paid for artworks I’ve critiqued?
  • YYou will be paid when the artwork you critique is sold and after the twenty-four (24) hour cancellation policy has expired.
  • Additionally, we use Stripe connect to pay artists, critics and sellers. Once an artwork you’ve critiqued has sold and it’s time to be paid, you’ll be promoted to set up your Stripe account. You will be directed to a Stripe connect portal to activate your account. You will only be required to do this once.
Who pays for art critics?
The cost of critiques is covered by the artist, and comes out of their sale proceeds.
How do I find artworks to critique?
Art critics can filter all the artworks for sale on our platform by review availability so you only see artworks that can be critiqued.
Can any artist receive critiques?
  • By default, established and blue chip artists are available for review (able to receive critiques). Emerging artists however, must reach a threshold number of art collectors in order to receive critiques. This is because we pay art critics per critique written after an artwork has sold and its cancellation policy has expired. Therefore, it’s imperative that artists have some traction before being allowed to receive critiques.
  • The threshold number of art collectors an artist needs to be available for review ranges from 5 to 50 depending on what types of artworks they sell.
How do I change my password?
See our General FAQ page for more information.
How do I reset a forgotten password?
See our General FAQ page for more information.
How to I unsubscribe to your newsletter?
You may unsubscribe to our newsletter from your settings under account info.