general faq
Why are you partnering with universities?
Part of our growth strategy is to partner with academic institutions. Since our platform will feature 3 types of users; buyers, artists and critics; this will allow us to use a two pronged approach where we onboard artists and critics via universities while focusing our marketing efforts on attracting customers to the platform.
How do I change my password?
To change your password go to account info by first clicking on my account, and then clicking on settings. Once there, enter your old password and create a new password. Finally, confirm the new password.
How do I reset a forgotten password?
To reset your forgotten password while you’re logged in to your account navigate to your account info by first clicking on my account, and then by clicking on settings. Once there, click on forgot password. Further instructions will be sent to your email. If you’re logged out, go to the log in page and click on forgot password. Proceed to enter your email so we may send you further instructions to reset your password.
How to I unsubscribe to your newsletter?
You may unsubscribe to our newsletter from your settings under account info.