Launching Q2, 2023.
In a New Era
Our online art marketplace is the first to feature a progressive commission for artists and make use of a propriety pricing algorithm. Be a part of the solution to help emerging artists earn a living from their art practice.
Onboard Your Students
We're currently forming partnerships with academic institutions in the midwest to onboard students and professors as emerging and established artists, respectively. As such, we expect that the majority of the artists on our platform will be female at the onset.
Moreover, we believe that our proprietary pricing algorithm can be part of the solution to narrow the gender wage gap in the fine art world by helping female artists to not underprice their work.
To date, we have partnered with:
List of universities goes here.
List of universities goes here.
Fair Pricing and Facilitated Resales
We’re the only online art gallery that makes use of a propriety pricing algorithm.
Art prices are based on the demand for an artist’s work and the consensus among critics regarding an artwork’s quality.
Moreover, art owners receive free and automatic valuations of works they’ve purchased from our site, and may easily list them for resell. Every time a work resells the original artist receives a royalty.
Get to Know Us
Prospective partners may reach out to us via email or phone to setup a meeting. Visit our contact us page to get in touch.
During the meeting, we will present to you information regarding our business and why your institution would benefit from partnering with us.
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